Alberto Garutti on his retrospective exhibition at Pac, Milan (Dec. 2012)

Schermata 2015-12-05 alle 13.32.13Alberto Garutti, an artist and a lecturer, teaches at the Academy of Brera in Milan and at the Faculty of Design and the Arts at the IUAV in Venice.





Alberto Garutti presents his retrospective exhibition at Pac (Contemporary Art Pavilion), Milan

The exhibition is curated by Hans-Ulrich Obrist and Paola Nicolin

Conversation transcription below

Silvia Invernici: What your artistic research has been influenced by?
Alberto Garutti: I have to look back to my childhood. I remember copying Paul Cézanne. My father used to have many reproductions of his work. But I can also mentions all historical avant-gardes, Pablo Picasso and Marcel Duchamp, the latter being the one who managed to undermine all prevailing aesthetic logics: the art work gives up aesthetic values in favor of criticality. He is the father of all twentieth century art.

SI: The installed microphones will be used to record visitors’ voices. How the bureaucracy of having the authorizations signed can influence your work?
AG: This doesn’t have anything to do with my work. This is something that must be done in respect of people’s privacy. Theme of this work is the audience. Whoever takes part in the work must sign the authorization and declare that he or she accepts being recorded. Transcriptions of these recordings will be included in two or three upcoming books. Perhaps four. Hans-Ulrich Obrist wants to transcribe everything that is said.
The visitor has to take the responsibility of accepting this role.
The art audience will be involved, but I like to think that we will also have casual passersby that happen to enter this space, just to take a glimpse, after taking children to the near park.
The installation will be thus always connected to the present. It will also gain a performative character: somebody will lie, someone will feel embarrassed. Others will exaggerate. Someone will act performatively. Some others won’t care at all.