Alessandra Pioselli, Artistic Director of the Bergamo Fine Arts Academy, Italy

Alessandra Pioselli

Alessandra Pioselli is an art critic and curator based in Milan. She is the artistic director of the Bergamo Fine Arts Academy. She contributes to Artforum.

A Skype conversation with Alessandra Pioselli about the contemporary art scene in Milan

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In the first part of this conversation she talks about the contemporary art scene of Milan.
According to Alessandra Pioselli, “the municipal election of May 2011 changed the conditions of the city of Milan. The new City Council swept away the previous right-wing administrators that very little have done in terms of culture. The appointment of Stefano Boeri as new Councilor for Culture raised many expectations. Perhaps some of these expectations have not been fully met.”
“Main goal of the Councilor for Culture is the creation of a cultural district on the model of foreign towns such as Berlin or London. Concerning contemporary art, the strategic choice is to involve international consultants, big, unassailable names, such as Francesco Bonami and Okwui Enwezor. They are chosen within the international arena in order to reposition Milan at the center of the international cultural debate. The risk of involving consultants with many commitments at an international level, is to not ensure continuity and a real connection to the city. The names of the consultants are fine and can certainly represent a winning strategy in order to create a whole series of relationships. But they all should understand the city necessities: continuity, stability, clear directions, and long term programs.”

In the second part, Alessandra Pioselli presents the contemporary art scene of Milan. She mentions the Museum of Cultures that is “due to open in Milan on April 2013 with a big exhibition curated by Francesco Bonami. As culture councilor Stefano Boeri announced, another big show titled The Raise and Fall of Apartheid curated by Okwui Enwezor and now traveling in New York and Munich should also reach the Museum next year. Looking at the contemporary society from an anthropological and sociological perspective, this interdisciplinary project will contribute to highlight the ethnicity of the City of Milan.”
“Milan is certainly a vital town. Many contemporary art realities are based in the city such as the magazines Mousse and Kaleidoscope. Recently, new art spaces have opened in Milan like Peep Hole or Marselleria. We also must mention the Kunstverein cofounded and directed by Katia Anguelova, Alessandra Poggianti and Andrea Wiarda. The Trussardi Foundation that is always organizing good exhibitions. Hangar Bicocca that has a very rich program; at the moment we can visit the big and poetic installation by Casten Nicolai (through January 6th)…”

In the last part of the conversation, Alessandra Pioselli talks about the exhibitions she has recently seen in Milan. She mentions Carsten Nicolai at Hangar Bicocca (through January 6th) which she highly recommend visiting. Then she refers to the retrospective exhibition of Alberto Garutti at Pac (Contemporary Art Pavilion) curated by Paola Nicolin and Hans Ulrich Obrist (through February 3rd 2013). This is a very well documented and “narrated” show, as she says, and it manages to guide, inform and educate the public as any exhibition held in public spaces should do. She is not equally convinced by the related exhibition of Garutti’s students at Gam (closed on Dec. 9th) curated by Luca Cerizza. She expected a more historical and philological exhibition explaining the connections between the professor and his students. Milan is indeed very alive. New art spaces have opened in recent years. She mentions the beautiful exhibition of Roberto Paci Dalò at Marsélleria (closed on Dec. 6th), a private space proposing interesting projects. Ciprian Muresan at Prometeo (through Dec. 21st) and the beautiful video Untitled; and Cyprien Gaillard’s exhibition, organized by Trussardi Foundation (through Dec. 16th), and housed in a fascinating location, the military bakery of Caserma XXIV Maggio.


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