Alis/Filliol’s exhibition at Pinksummer Gallery, Genoa 2012

schermata-2016-10-01-alle-12-12-58-1The following conversations (held in Italian) took place during the Alis/Filliol opening in Genoa (Oct. 12th, 2012).

1. Alis/Filliol talk about their working methods;
2. Antonella Berruti, co-director of the Pinksummer Gallery, describes the exhibited works;
3. Ilaria Bonacossa, curator of the Villa Croce Museum in Genoa, reflects upon the artists’ work, the art scene in Genoa and compare it with that in Milan;
4. Critic Viana Conti mentions Martin Heidegger’s Die Kunst und der Raum (Art and Space) published in 1969 as a way to better understand sculpture and its relation to space;
5. Critic Simone Menegoi talks about Alis/Filliol’s passion for sculpture, but also about the art scene in Milan and suggests a visit to Michael Smith at Zero Gallery (until Oct. 27th).
6. Lastly, artist Pietro Millefiore talks positively about the art scene in Genoa and indicates Chan Gallery as another interesting contemporary art space in the city.

Conversations about Alis/Filliol’s exhibition at Pinksummer Gallery (Genoa)