Andreas Schläegel, Curator and Art Critic based in Berlin (Dec. 2012)

Andreas Schlaegel foto 2

A conversation with Andreas Schläegel about his exhibition “The Art of Conversation” and the Berlin art scene (December 2012)

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In this first part of the conversation, Andreas Schläegel, who is a contemporary art critic and curator based in Berlin, presents “The Art of Conversation” the exhibition he is curating with Paolo Chiasera at the PSM Gallery in Berlin. The show which included also an exhibition design by Matthew Antezzo, presents works by Louis Kahn, Louise Lawler, René Magritte, Naeem Mohaiemen, Riccardo Previdi, Oscar Tuazon, and Konrad Wachsmann. On through Dec. 15th.

In the second part he analyzes the Berlin art scene today, after 20, 30 years of consistent development. What we see today in Berlin, is the first generation of artists who came to live and work in the city and never experienced the political dimension of the fall of the wall. There are still those big galleries that opened in the 90s, usually run by white middle class German guys, that are taking control of the Berlin art scene and that are mainly market-oriented; more recently we have witnessed a pretty new phenomenon of other galleries that opened few years ago that are run by middle class German female and embrace more political agendas.

In the last part of the conversation he is analyzing the Berlin art scene and describes it as a “bubble” where big and small galleries seem not to be affected by the crisis and keep carrying on and doing business as usual. They are all very happy in their little Berlin bubble and do not realize that there is something happening out there that it is threatening them as much as anybody else in the world.