Davide Quadrio, Curator and Critic based in Shanghai, China

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Davide Quario


The Western imperialist view of Non-Western countries

Davide Quadrio is a contemporary art curator and a critic based in Shanghai, China. At the Shanghai Biennial which is now on until March 31st, 2013, he organized the Inter-city Pavilions (30 cities worldwide wih over 100 artists participating). Within this project he curated the Palermo, Istanbul and Bandung’s pavilions. At the moment he is busy organizing the exhibition “The discreet charm of the bourgeoise: Contemporary Visions from China” opening on Nov. 9th at the Yi&C Contemporary Art & Artrans Fine Art Storage Services, Taipei, Taiwan. In this interview he talks about the exhibitions he is curating, the art scene in China and the vision he has of the present situation of art and culture from an international point of view. In particular he talks about the imperialist view that the West still has towards non-western countries.

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