Francesca Pennone, Pinksummer Gallery (Genoa)

Schermata 2015-12-06 alle 12.36.39Francesca Pennone runs Pinksummer Gallery, Genoa, Italy, with Antonella Berruti.

In this conversation held in Italian and recorded on Oct.11th, 2012, during the opening of the exhibition by sculptors Alis/Filliol, gallerist Francesca Pennone introduces the winter exhibitions at Pinksummer: Italian architects A12 and Baukuh, Spanish artist Jorge Peris and a new production by Israeli artist Guy Ben-Ner. She also positively talks about the future of the art scene in Genoa, referring to the Villa Croce Museum of Contemporary Art and the recently appointed curator Ilaria Bonacossa; she also mentions Chan Gallery and Garrone Foundation among those institutions that are helping the city to grow in terms of artistic research.


A conversation with Francesca Pennone, gallerist and co-founder of Pinksummer Gallery, Genoa