Launching the project “Virtual Vs Real”

by Tiziana Casapietra

June 2014. We are finally ready to launch the project “Virtual vs Real.” We are starting with the publication of works by the artists Shifra Kazhdan and Haim Sokol, who were invited by curator Viktor Misiano.

“Virtual vs Real” is a cross-cultural, long-term research and experimental project that is taking place within this online platform and which involves international professionals working in the field of contemporary art and culture.

The research project wishes to highlight the dynamics of the contemporary world and the massive changes that we are witnessing on a global scale (digital revolution, geopolitical and environmental changes, economic global rearrangement, gender and migrations issues, etc.);

The curators are asked to indicate artists whose work deals with the issues stated above. Their “virtual” contributions are going to be published on this online platform which can be seen as a virtual exhibition space, or a window opened to our contemporary world, through which we can view different realities, as they are interpreted by contemporary art and culture.

Since this is a long term developing research, the list of curators and artists involved is obviously increasing day by day. To follow the development of this project, we encourage you to join our mailing list to receive our newsletters (we promise not to jam you inbox).

Finally, we like to see this project as a sort of Matryoshka, the traditional Russian nesting doll, where a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size are placed one inside the other.  Similarly, each curator and artist involved in this research is welcome to suggest names and works of other colleagues, thinkers, and intellectuals interested in researching and better understanding the changes in our world.

Our office is located at the University Campus in Savona,  Italy, and our territory is asking us to take some steps out of our, as they call it, “self-referential microcosm” of artists, scholars, and intellectuals and, once in a while, show the developments our research to a wider audience.

For this reason, based on the funds we manage to raise (ah, money is always the issue, is it not?!?!), we will try to present our research publicly by organizing video projections, public conferences and events. Hence, the title of this project “Virtual Vs Real”.

“Virtual vs Real” is a research project by the not-for-profit cultural association Radicate whose office is located at the University Campus in Savona.  All the involved professionals contribute to this research on a voluntary basis.

Here is the provisional list of curators and artists already involved in this research project. Stay tuned to be updated on the developments of our research. Enjoy

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