Manuela Klerkx, Founder and Director, Klerkx Art Agency, Amsterdam

Manuela KlerkxManuela Klerkx is running the Klerkx Art Agency in Amsterdam.
According to her, since the end of 2008 the contemporary art world has profoundly changed and will never be the same anymore. The economic crisis, the growing importance of the social media and the growing power of the Asian, North African, and Eastern European art world have changed things drastically and in many positive ways.
People are turning back to the content, to the meaning of things. New times need new ways of thinking and working. Thus, she decided not to work as a gallerist anymore and to start a new activity as an art agent. She wanted to concentrate on what is happening outside the four walls of a fixed space and outside the established art world. The social media and this kind of new do-it-yourself-mentality are very interesting and useful in this respect.
Klerkx believes there is a new kind of underground movement that is developing very fast thanks to the social media, the presence of new continents and a lot of very good private initiatives. This will lead to new and more satisfying ways of working in an ever growing art world.

A Skype conversation with Manuela Klerkx, Founder and Director of the Klerkx Art Agency, Amsterdam

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