Michele Robecchi, Independent curator and writer based in London

Michele RobecchiMichele Robecchi is critic and curator. Lives and works in London. He is an editor for contemporary art at Phaidon Press and visiting lecturer at Christie’s Education.

In the first part of the conversation held in Italian few days before the opening of the Frieze Art Fair (11-14 October, 2012) in London, Robecchi tells us what is going on in  the city looking at what he considers being the the most interesting events.
In the second and last part, he tells us what’s going on in London but ends up speaking also about Berlin where he was recently for the ABC Art Fair. Among the most interesting galleries in the German capital, he mentions Chert and Sopportico Lopez, but also Esther Schipper and Neugerriemschneider. Finally, he also reflects on the new generation of British artists and how it is different from the YBA season.


A Skype conversation with Michele Robecchi about the art scene in London and Berlin (October 2012)
  • Part 1 of 2

  • Part 2 of 2


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