Movements of an Impossible Time


  • Movements of an Impossible Time -HD

  • This video documents the event of November 22nd, 2014, at Villa Jorn in Albissola Marina (Italy)

Radicate in cooperation with the Municipality of Albissola Marina, Italy, presents Movements of an Impossible Time a video by Flatform.

Asger Jorn’s House Museum via D’Annunzio – Albissola Marina (SV) 

Saturday, November 22nd, 2014 at 5 pm – Free entrance


Foto Evento Albissola Marina

Movements of an Impossible Time a video made by Flatform in 2011 – will be screened on Saturday, November 22nd, 2014 at 5 pm in the Asger Jorn’s House Museum in Albissola Marina (Italy), a location of rare beauty. The soundtrack of the video will be a piece of music by Carlo Chiddemi, “Exotik”, performed live by 15 children of the Laboratory of Research and Preparatory Music of the A.F. Lavagnino Association in Gavi, Italy, directed by Chiddemi himself.

Radicate called on Flatform and Carlo Chiddemi to take part in an experiment aimed at synergically bringing together visual art, music, architecture and natural scenery. Three separate works of art will be used to achieve this result: an art video, a piece of music and the house where the Danish artist Asger Jorn lived for many years, turning it into a work of art. The three works will intertwine in the same scenery, the aim being that of creating – as in a sort of osmosis – a fifth work of art: the event itself.

Flatform is a group of artists established in 2006, based in Milan and Berlin. Their communication develops through videos, video installations and movable installations. Flatform works were screened at prestigious film festivals and contemporary art international centres. Just this last year, their work has been shown – among other places – at Washington’s Hirshhorn Museum, at Taiwan’s Hong-Gah Museum, at Montreal’s Festival du Nouveau Cinema in Canada, at Rotterdam’s International Film Festival in the Netherlands, at the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada, at the Trento Film Festival in Italy and finally at Paris’ Cinemà du Reel.

Carlo Chiddemi is a musician, composer, educator as well as an author of a wide repertoire aimed at the world of children. He has been engaged for more than thirty years in preparatory musical training, pursuing in-depth research activities aimed at new methodologies and at using innovative musical instruments for children. He is the founder and leader of the musical association A.F. Lavagnino based in Gavi.

On the occasion of this event, Flatform and Carlo Chiddemi designed a soundscape which is articulated in Villa Jorn’s several indoor and outdoor environments. The visitors will be able to perceive the video and its new score in continually changing ways, based on their movements within Villa Jorn’s several spaces.

The video Movements of an impossible time depicts the ruins of a “roccolo”, which is a house used to attracts birds while seasons follow one another. In its original version (published on the on-line platform), the video is scored by Maurice Ravel’s First Movement of the Quartet in F Major , edited to follow the various weather events -incompatible one with the other – in order to adapt them to their rhythms and simulating their sounds.

For the Villa Jorn experiment, the video’s original soundtrack will be removed and  replaced by the live performance by fifteen 7-to-10 year old children directed by Chiddemi himself. The extraordinary participation of  violinist Adele Viglietti is expected on the occasion: born in 1995, graduated with the highest result at Genoa’s Paganini Conservatory, she has just come back from a successful tour in Japan.

The piece Exotik, which will be the video’s new soundtrack, progresses on a  mixolydian modal melody (one of the ancient Gregorian modes) sided by rhythmic “ostinati” that come from several ethnic contaminations. The composition was written and performed for the first time by Carlo Chiddemi when he was invited by the Confucius Institute of Milan’s University of Studies to represent Italy at the International Youth Art Festival in Dalian (China) in 2011.

At the Villa Jorn event in Albissola Marina, the author will change the piece’s orchestration in order to adapt it for the better to the video’s progress.

A complete 49 Orff instrument set  will be used for the performance (an instrument per child), composed of determinate and indeterminate sound percussive instruments (bass, contralto and soprano xylophones, metallophones and glockenspiels, bowed psalteries, unusual instruments and percussions).

The venue: Asger Jorn’s House Museum

The Danish artist Asger Jorn (1914-1973), a member of the “Cobra” group, co-founder of the Situationist International, moves to Albissola Marina in 1954.  In 1957 he purchases a land plot with two houses on the “Bruciati” hill and begins their renewal, by personally drawing and building – with Umberto Gambetta’s help – all the decorative elements of the buildings and the garden. Starting from 1958, Jorn begins working on ceramic at the factories in Albissola Marina, creating in 1959 the large wall panel (27 m x 3 m) for the Staatgymnasium in the city of Aarhus, Denmark.  In 1960 he is granted the Honorary citizenship from the Municipality of Albissola Marina. In March 1973 he donates the museum, the dwelling house, the garden and the works of art within and without to the Municipality of Albissola Marina.

The event is suitable for an audience of any age

A project by in cooperation with the Municipality of Albissola Marina, Italy.

Radicate, the non-for-proft Association for the Research on Contemporary Art and Culture  located at the Campus of Savona  (Genoa University ) develops its research thanks to the support of: Fondazione A. De Mari Cassa di Risparmio di Savona e Unione Industriali della Provincia di Savona. Sponsor Tecnico: SPES S.p.c.A – Campus Universitario di Savona.


August 1st, 2014. The artistic duo Flatform has been invited to present their videos in some of the most important international art institutions such as the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Venice International Film Festival, the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, and the TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival). Their work focuses on the study of the landscape, its modifications due to the passing of time, changing weather conditions, or human intervention.

The video I chose for the curatorial project “Virtual vs. Real“, which is being developed in the internet platform, is  “Movements of an impossible time.” It portrays a rural landscape that changes with the weather conditions. To get the desired impact, Flatform has used special effects techniques as in cinematography. The music following the weather mutations, changing rhythm and sometimes even deliberately jarring, is “String Quartet in F Major” by Maurice Ravel. (TC)  is a project of Radicate, the non-profit Cultural Association for the Research on Contemporary Art and Culture, whose office is located at the  University Campus of Savona, Italy.

Images (Clockwise from top left):Video still from “Movimenti di un Tempo Impossibile” by Flatform; Asger Jorn’s House Museum; violinist Adele Viglietti; Music composer Carlo Chiddemi with his pupils.