Pilar Parcerisas’s biography

6-Pilar PARCERISASPilar Parcerisas is an art critic, art historian, essayist and exhibition curator based in Barcelona. She has been President of ACCA, the Catalan Association of Art Critics, as well as Vice-President of the new Catalonia Arts Council in Barcelona. Doctorate in Art History and Masters in Media Studies at the Universitat Autònoma, Barcelona, she has curated numerous exhibitions internationally, as Ideas and Attitudes (1992), Joseph Beuys. Manresa hbf(1994), Dalí. Elective Affinities (2004) or Vienna Actionism (2008), among others. She is the author of numerous books such as Conceptualism[s]. Poetic, Politic and Peripheral. Around Conceptual Art in Spain, 1964–80), 2007, and Duchamp in Spain, 2009. She wrote the script for the films Entreacte (Interval), 1988 and L’última frontera (The Last Frontier), 1992; and Babaouo, 1997.

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