Power Ekroth, Co-curator of the 7th Momentum Biennial 2013 (Moss, Norway)

Schermata 2015-11-23 alle 12.44.01Power Ekroth co-curates with Erlend Hammer the upcoming edition of Momentum, the Nordic Biennial for Contemporary Art. Momentum 7th opens on June 22nd 2013, and will run throughout September 29th. Main arenas of the exhibition are Momentum Kunsthall and Galleri F15 in Moss, Norway.





A conversation with Power Ekroth, co-curator of the upcoming 7th Momentum Biennial (Moss, Norway)
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  • Part 2 of 2

In this conversation, Power Ekroth talks about the working methods that she and Erlend Hammer have when they do projects together. “We have completely different perspectives on how we look upon art. We sort of disagree on everything.  For me this is super fan, because to disagree with someone who is super sharp, I have to be as sharp myself, or try to at least. We have developed this sort of dialectical way of thinking and working” and the upcoming Momentum represents an opportunity to further develop this format.

Power Ekroth and Erlend Hammer have planned to curate two separate parts for this Biennial, each with their own working title and their own group of artists. “By dividing the biennial between them, they will increasingly put their signature on the exhibition, and to a greater extent be individually responsible for the end result, which in turn affects the ambition to create the best possible show.” More info on http://www.momentum.no/2013.250313.en.html

Power Ekroth’s exhibition is titled “Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast”
Erlend Hammer’s exhibition is titled “Dare 2 Love Yourself”
Below are the names of the invited artists.

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

  1. Sergei Bugaev Afrika (Russia)
  2. Loulou Cherinet (Sweden/Ethiopia)
  3. Jan Christensen (Norway)
  4. Cevdet Erek (Turkey)
  5. Bjørn-Kowalski Hansen (Norway)
  6. Goran Hassanpour (Sweden/Kurdistan)
  7. Laura Horelli (Finland)
  8. Stine-Marie Jacobsen (Denmark)
  9. Hassan Khan (Egypt)
  10. Gabriel Lester (The Nederlands)
  11. Lisi Raskin (USA)
  12. Johan Zetterquist (Sweden)
  13. Clemens von Wedemeyer (Germany)

Dare 2 Love Yourself

  1. Matthew Antezzo (USA)
  2. Per Christian Brown (Norway)
  3. Paolo Chiasera (Italy)
  4. Ane Graff (Norway)
  5. Mai Hofstad Gunnes (Norway)
  6. Knut Henrik Henriksen (Norway)
  7. Ane Mette Hol (Norway)
  8. Victor Lind (Norway)
  9. Jared Madere (USA)
  10. Bjarne Melgaard (Norway)
  11. Sex Tags (Norway)
  12. Eve K. Tremblay (Canada)
  13. Lars Monrad Vaage (Norway)
  14. Charlotte Wankel (Norway)
  15. Sverre Wyller (Norway)

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