Pertinent questions emerge during the conversations which we conduct with key figures of the contemporary art world that are indicative of our times in addressing global issues. The most urgent questions (sustainability, migration, climate, geopolitical and economic changes, stunning developments in science and technology) are ultimately developed within the context of transcultural and interdisciplinary projects which also include experts from the fields of engineering and science. These projects are materialized in the form of events that address both the territory in which the project was conceived as well as the international research community that it references.

Robotic arm. Courtesy FabLab Turin e Co-de-IT Be Sm/ART 2

In the experimental framework of the project entitled Be Sm/ART 2, realized with the support of the Compagnia di San Paolo, as part of the open-call ORA!, and put forth by Fondazione A. De Mari, Radicate invites artists who work and live in Europe for a two-month residency in Savona, on the Ligurian Riviera, Italy. Throughout the course of the residency the artist will interact with the Industrial & Energy Engineering Department at the Savona Campus and will be exposed to a network of manufactures and ateliers that stand at the forefront of the ceramic tradition in the territory of Savona. With the prospect that the artist’s approach is visionary, courageous and innovative, the residency intends to stimulate an experimental vision that transgresses the dichotomy of art and science and ventures into unknown territories.
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1069252_1743300209231397_309974930172069717_nBe Sm/ART: Art at the service of the SMART CITY

Radicate – Research Association on Contemporary Art and Culture and the Faculty of Engineering of the Savona Campus (University of Genoa) are pleased to present Be Sm/ART, an artistic-scientific project that animated the Savona Campus for two months with performances and site-specific interventions devised by the artists of the Cherimus association, who were called in to creatively interpret the Smart City experimentations carried out in the halls of the Ligurian university centre.
Artists and scientists exchanged views on the common grounds of research and experimentation to offer their special vision of the sustainable city of the future.
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 View of Northern Tehran. Recounting experiences

The main aim of this project is elaborating the meaning of “experience” in contemporary art of Iran which professionally has less been considered. It provides the terms of dialogue among its audience and professionals, and gives them interviews by Skype about experiencing art in Iran. For this project, practice and research are remarkably rich with ideas about the relationship between Iranian art and International community. Indeed, it is frequently engaged with issues that pertain to global connectivity and sociability in networked culture which so concerned with “interactivity,” “communication,” “cultural production,” and “innovation in exhibitions.”
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schermata-2016-10-09-alle-09-05-08Movements of an Impossible Time

Radicate called on Flatform and Carlo Chiddemi to take part in an experiment aimed at synergically bringing together visual art, music, architecture and natural scenery. Three separate works of art will be used to achieve this result: an art video, a piece of music and the house in Albissola Marina (Italy) where the Danish artist Asger Jorn lived for many years, turning it into a work of art. The three works will intertwine in the same scenery, the aim being that of creating – as in a sort of osmosis – a fifth work of art: the event itself.
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