Recounting experiences

Curatorial project in

Curator: Elham Puriya Mehr

Presently, the internet seems like a simple way to connect to individuals and share knowledge and ideas. Curatorial internet based projects like “Recounting experiences” are considered as a shift in the way people discover, look and share experiences as well as a common manner to exchange information and represent the so called democratisation of information. In fact, the rapid diffusion of this project is ushering in new possibilities for contemporary art of Iran to communicate and engage the public.

This curatorial strategy emphasises the provision by usefully opening up many potentialities, including interviewing with Iranian art historians, curators, artists, gallery owners, and critics. The main aim of this project is elaborating the meaning of “experience” in contemporary art of Iran which professionally has less been considered. It provides the terms of dialogue among its audience and professionals, and gives them interviews by Skype about experiencing art in Iran. For this project, practice and research are remarkably rich with ideas about the relationship between Iranian art and International community. Indeed, it is frequently engaged with issues that pertain to global connectivity and sociability in networked culture which so concerned with “interactivity,” “communication,” “cultural production,” and “innovation in exhibitions.”

Elham Puriyamehr is an Iranian-born artist, curator and writer. She received her BA and MA in the Art University of Tehran, and her PhD in art research (Cultural Discourse of Curating in Contemporary Art of Iran) program from Alzahra University in Tehran. She continues to work in the field of arts, curating exhibitions, ongoing curatorial projects, talks and publications on the broad range of themes related to curating contemporary art and culture in social context. Elham have been taught at many universities in Iran and has participated and organized exhibitions and programs for many conferences and lectures in Tehran, Vancouver, Berlin, Singapore, Amsterdam and Vienna. She is an independent curator, and also founder of ICPI in Facebook, the institute for curatorial practices in Iran, a non-profit organization which brings artists, curators, and art professionals together to develop a responsive curatorial practice that supports the prominent from the contemporary art and emerging fields of visual culture.